Hey guys, welcome back. Yes, I’ve been absent from this and for that I apologize but I’m finally starting to have an actual social life with real people lol.

A few days ago I went on the bus to run a few errands and I noticed something I was to oblivious to notice before. The bus was pretty much completely full and everyone was sitting there on their phones. Now, you might think “well that’s not a big deal Jesse I do the same” but for once I asked and wondered how things use to be back then without technology.

Have we really reach that point where there’s zero social interaction with other people unless is on Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

What ever happened to striking up a conversation with someone face to face?

The bus ride was about 35 minutes and for those 35 minutes it was completely silence. No one even bothered to look to their side and see who was sitting next to them, say a simple “Hello” or even smiled at someone.

I’ve always been a shy person so striking up a conversation with someone is extremely hard for me but after seeing all these people on their phones I decided to at least try and talk to this lady that was sitting next to me. Let me tell you it was great. In a way I even felt proud of myself for taking that step.

Which is why I am making my own challenge called #FacetoFace which means that every day I will try to start a conversation with a random person I meet on the street, the bus, the store, or even at work. It would be great if you guys would actually be part of this and actually share with me your stories and experiences.

Anyways, until next time guys.

P.S: Now just so you guys know I am not bashing on technology or social media. I honestly love it.



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