Welcome back,

So lately I’ve been feeling shitty, insecure and depressed. I have to admit that these few weeks haven’t been all good to me. Today I woke up and decided to cease the day. Got up early, showered, took my medication and even went and bough some coffee. At first the day seemed pretty average, same as the others, but something different happened. A few of my new co-workers were selected to go and experience the Zip Line Tour here in Vail, CO. Lucky for me I was chosen as well.

I am terrified of heights in case you didn’t know.

So we gathered up, got our equipment and took the safety orientation. There I am, trying to play it cool in front of everyone, not wanting to show my fear. So as we walked to the tower to begin our tour I thought about all the things I’ve wanted to do in my life but never did out of fear. Whether it was making friends, telling a girl how I really felt about her, fighting for a goal, or a dream I wanted. Fear has held me back from a lot, and yeah I’ve regretted so many things but unfortunately I can’t go back in time. Once up there the fear really started to kick in. I could feel myself slowly panicking. I was ready to drop everything and run away. Run Away, some I’ve always done.

A wise man once said “A life lived in fear is a life half lived”

I’ve been living my life in fear for far to long. I needed to do this. It was my turn everything was set up all I needed to do is walk off the ledge. Just. One. Step. My heart started to beat really fast, palms are sweaty and I feel a cold chill going down my spine. This is it. Either I face this or I let fear win again. I take a deep breath and I walk off the ledge. I did it. It felt amazing. As I zipped through the trees and the beauty of Vail I felt proud of myself, something I haven’t felt in so long. I had done it. I had conquered a fear of mine.

The great thing of conquering a fear is that it gives such a confidence boost. You feel like you can accomplish anything, that you and only is holding you back. I needed this experience because I honestly feel more confident about myself, about being here in Colorado, about starting a new chapter and about making not just my family proud but also myself.

P.S It was pretty badass!!!!!


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