Recap of my first week in Vail.

Hello everyone and welcome back. Yes, I have been gone for a while and for that I apologize. Many of you know that I found a job in Colorado and that I was moving mid May. After weeks of being MIA I’m back to give you a quick recap of what has happened since I got here.

May 18: So this was the day I left PR, it was such a bittersweet moment to leave my family. The whole ride to the airport was long and quiet. I was trying to hold back the tears as much as I could so that I could look strong and confident in front of my family when I was actually terrified. After checking in it was time to say goodbye. I hugged my brother and my mom so tight I was hoping that time would stop. The day was extremely long 3 flights and a 3 hour bus ride to my new home. One I got there it was about 9:40pm and the leasing office was closed. So to my luck I had nowhere to sleep. Exhausted from the flights and completely jetlagged I ended up sleeping in the laundry room since it was the only warm room opened…did I mentioned it was snowing and the temperature was at 32!

May 19: I finally saw the building manager and he set me up in a room with a couple of roommates. As I was getting on the elevator to go to my room I started to get anxious and nervous and my social phobia started to kick in. I am terrible at making new friends. I get nervous, anxious and feel nauseous. Once I got to the room there they were my new roommates. Who by the way are complete opposites of me in every way possible!!! I went directly to my bedroom and pretty much hid there the whole weekend.

May 22-26: It was my first week of training, I met all the supervisors and my new coworkers. I did not talk for the whole training session. I tried I really did but words wouldn’t come out. I honestly just wanted to kick my own ass. Eventually I managed to try to maintain a conversation with a few people which was a huge step for me.

So yeah that was a quick recap. Nothing huge really. While walking around I realized that pretty much everyone here is so nice and friendly to the point that I find it kinda creepy lol. I walked around Vail (in case you were wondering where am I) and this place is just beautiful (gonna post a few pics below). So I survived pretty much two weeks here and I’m still trying to get use to the weather, the people, and the distance. I have yet to make any friends but I’m hoping soon I’ll have at least two or three I can hang out and talk with. Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll have something else for you this week.



2 thoughts on “Recap of my first week in Vail.

  1. I lived in Vail for a year – this is a tough time of year to come to town since it’s ‘shoulder season,’ and a lot of people are on vacation/moving/not working.

    My advice is to take as much advantage of the great outdoors as you can! The culture in vail can be a bit of a party, but the outdoors are always there too.

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