Today I woke up feeling good. Not a care in the world nor a bad thought on my mind. For a moment I lay in my bed smiling, haven’t done that in a while. I get up, get my camera and start taking pictures around the house. The house I lived in for years.  The witness of many memories, good and bad. If the walls could talk they would tell you all the times I cried myself to sleep. They would tell you about the many times I wanted to give up. I’m finally realizing that this no longer will be home.

I take a shower and get dressed. I’m spending time with my family today. Which something we rarely do. I guess me leaving it’s taking a toll on them too since they’re trying their hardest to make my final days here memorable. I’m gonna miss moments like these, I wish I would have had more of them. We get in the car and start driving with no destination. As I write this I look outside and just like one of those sad music videos I start to reminisce about my life. Every sad, happy, heartbreaking, disappointing moment that has led me here.

The road ahead is long but I’ve never felt this ready to face it.


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