Suicide, a lot of us have thought about it, others have tried it and a few have succeeded. Each person has a reason or reasons that push them to this point of no return. As if death is the only escape of whatever is affecting them in their life whether is bullying, rumors, problems at home, relationships, or even acceptance from others. Whatever the story it is it eventually takes us down this path. As a person with many issues and victim of bullying and other things that i won’t mention here I’ve tried to commit suicide 4 times in my life.

What?! You?! Yes, me. Appearances can be deceiving. Nowadays a lot of us tend to hid away how they really feel just because they feel that no one would care or people might think just think they just want attention, so they tend to keep things to themselves. Some even do try to talk to someone but that person just ends up giving them reason for them to stay quiet. At least that’s the case for me.

In my 24 years of life there have been moments where I’ve decided to call it quits. It seemed like the easiest way out. A few pills or a two wrist cuts and that’s it. No more pain. No more disappointments. No more humiliation. Just peace at last. At first I thought i was bad at it because after 4 tries you would think i would succeed but nope. Now i realize that maybe it didn’t happen because I have some kind if purpose here or because deep down I didn’t want to end it. I’m glad I didn’t to be honest because during these yearrs I’ve met so many people that have become part of my life. I’ve experienced so many things that I never thought I would and learned so much.

Yeah I admit there are times that I still think about it but I immediately start to think about my friends and family. About how would they feel if I just die. You may think that if you go through with it no one would care but let me tell you that YOU ARE SO WRONG. There’s always people that care about you maybe not the ones you want but they are there. You have a full life to live and so much to experience yet please don’t give up. I know is tempting, believe me but you are stronger than you think. If you are experiencing any kind of bullying, are being a victim of rumors or any kind of abuse please seek help. You dont have to face this alone. You have a purpose in this huge world. Be strong. Seek help. Learn. Spread the word and you might save a life.

Thanks for reading.

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