Childhood Friends 

So it’s me again. Today I’ve been thinking about my childhood. About all the memories I have of it, some good and bad. About the people who influenced me and of all the friends I lost. We all been there, we meet individuals with whom we click pretty much instantly. They become part of our lives and routine and eventually part of us. We feel safe, somewhat protected but what happens when time passes and due to certain circumstances we start to fade away. Communication starts to minimize, hanging out becomes a weekly thing, then monthly, then yearly, until you don’t see them again.

I had amazing friends during my childhood. These people played an important role in it. Unfortunately due to distance, goals, etc we ceased communication. I still have them all through social media but we don’t even talk. We’ve become strangers. Strangers who shared memories together. I miss them. I miss our conversations, our games, out laughs but I’ve accepted that things will never be the same because that’s all part of life.

We lose people to gain more. That’s how relationships and friendships works. Some of you are lucky to have friendships last a lifetime while others last a lot less but still leave a mark in us.

Yeah i would gladly go back in time and relive all those moments with them but i can’t all i have are memories. I wish them all the best in life wherever they are, even if our paths cross or not.

I decided to dedicate a post to each one of my childhood friends. So stay tuned because you’ll gonna learn a bit more about them.

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