Dating Someone with Depression

Before I begin I’m not criticizing other relationships or my own. I didn’t write this so that you don’t give yourself a chance to find love, or for you to avoid dating someone who have any of these, with that being said, let’s begin.


How’s it like dating someone with depression? Let me tell you it’s not easy at all whether you’re the one with depression, or the other person. It’s something so challenging that a lot of people prefer not to deal with it. Now, I’m not saying that those people are assholes or anything like that, some just really don’t know how to deal with something that’s not “normal”.

So here’s how it feels to date someone with depression:

We need constant reassurance: If you’re dating someone with depression you’re dating who’s really insecure about pretty much everything about themselves. Even though you might think you’ve won the lottery with someone like us, we honestly think you deserve so much better. We constantly need to hear how much you care about us, how much you love us and also show it.( although it’s something you should do regardless)

We overthink and over analyze everything: Any simple thing , a change in voice tone, a short text, or simply telling them a story about something that happened to you can set this off. We will jump to so many conclusions and get so many wrong ideas.

For example: We call you and your voice tone is a bit different, maybe because you are tired, we could think that you’re just getting tired of them, and from that we could jump to the whole “you’re breaking up with us cause you probably found someone better”. (which is why you should ALWAYS reassure and show us how much we mean to you)

Be ready for our episodes: Yes, we have episodes, depending on how we are feeling, the simplest thing might set us off. Something you might find not that important, or even stupid, affects us in ways you don’t understand. Yes, it can become overwhelming for you, but we can’t control it which becomes overwhelming for us. The best you can do is be there for us, try to understand us, show empathy and please be patient. This the point where a lot of people decide to end the relationship because they realize that they can’t deal with this for many reasons. They could have a lot in their plate already, they don’t have the level of maturity needed for this, or hell maybe they have depression too and it’s overwhelming for them to deal with our episodes and theirs as well.

A lot of us are extremely negative people: Let me be honest most us are like a little dark cloud, but it’s not our fault, it’s cause by the same depression and insecurities. Maybe you’ve never dealt with someone like us before, and we understand it. It’s hard for you, imagine you having your life planned, where you wanna go to college, what you want for the future, and we’re stuck in this void of negativity thinking that we’ll never achieve anything in life, making us believe that there’s nothing for us when there actually is. So be ready for us, it’s not easy, but at the end of the day you just need to be patient with us and be our ray of hope and positivity.

Being in a relationship with someone with depression is extremely challenging, I won’t deny it, but it’s one of the most rewarding. I honestly can say that you’ll probably never find a love so pure and real like ours. The smallest thing, the simplest detail mean the world to us and so could you.

Be there for us and we’ll be there for you. Love us and we will love you more. Try to give us the moon and we’ll give you the sun.

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One thought on “Dating Someone with Depression

  1. Thank you for this article. Despite so many of us experiencing mental health problems – particularly depression – it’s not easy to communicate what it’s like, even to those we are closest to. This does a great job of explaining some of what we often want to say.


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