Between a Sword and a Wall

In life there’s always that moment or moments where you feel trapped between a sword and a wall. The moment where you have to make decision that could be a benefit to you on the long run or spiral you to a deeper level of regret. Whether is related to your education or even a relationship these decisions come always at a very unexpected time and it’s considered an important learning/ maturing moment.

As I had to learn the hard way, these decisions cannot only affect you , but also the people around you, but you still have to focus on what you want even if it’s not what others want.(YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.) Yeah for some of you may sound selfish (omg did Jesse really say that? How can one not prioritize their family, friends or partners?) let me tell you something your life is YOUR story, not theirs. Every decision you make should be in your favor, convenience, happiness, and health. If you’re in a bad relationship and you feel like it’s slowly draining you, affecting your physical or mental health, then why are you in it?!

Simple a lot of us (Including myself) feel and understand everyone’s emotion and situations to the point that we feel sympathy which is felling sorry for them and that sometimes keeps us in those relationships because we care more about the other person that ourselves and that at some point can be a bad thing. A lot of us hate disappointing others to the point that we just do what they tell us to do just so they can be happy and feel satisfied while we keep damaging ourselves and getting deeper into something we don’t want.

A lot of people with depression and insecurities go through this because they wanna either feel accepted by others or they just wanna make them happy. Besides relationships there’s also the case about your education. Let’s say you wanna study music but your parents want you to study something in the medical branch just because they think being a musician is “NOT A REAL JOB” and once you feel you don’t have their support you simply succumb to what they want and end up studying something you’re not passionate about and have no interest. In the long run it affects you not them. This is your story, everyone else is just a second character or a guest star. You choose what you wanna do, what you wanna study, what you wanna do with your life, who you want to date and above all you choose what makes you happy.

There will always be times where you’re stuck between that wall and sword and no matter what decision you make there’s always someone who will disappointed , just make sure that person is not you. Be your #1 priority because in the end you’ll live full of regrets and fears and as a man once said ” A life lived in fear is a life half lived”.

Thanks for reading.



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