Self Esteem:The Inner Battle

A lot of us have this inner battle that no one knows about and it seems that It’s hard of for some to understand. Self esteem is a big issue for some of us. What is self esteem? Well it’s the general evaluation that we do of ourselves. Self esteem reflects how we look and accept ourselves.

-High self esteem shows that we see ourselves in a positive way

-Low self esteem shows that we see ourselves in a negative way.

Having a good self esteem is important because studies that people who do have a higher capacity to face adversities, challenges and tend to be happier. It gives us a sense of security and the mind set that one is capable of achieving their goals (which obviously you all can). Also gives us a sense of purpose in life and that we actually belong in society. A negative vision of ourselves is a huge factor for things like phobias, depression, stress, anxiety, insecurity, relationship problems, etc. Loving ourselves is fundamental. There’s no other way of recognizing ourselves worthy of anything. Having good self esteem is the first step to the psychological growth and makes us feel better about us. Now, I’m not referring to the dark side of self esteem like narcissism or having a huge ego, feeling like “I’m better than everyone because I’m unique and special”. I’m talking about the general capacity to recognize. without shame or fears, our strengths and virtues that we possess and use them in a effective way in our lives.

Guys, criticizing ourselves is not necessarily a bad thing as long as is in a convenient and productive way to learn and grow. Now, if it’s use in a cruel way it can generate stress and affect negatively our self concept. If you use like that you’ll end up thinking bad about yourself no matter what you do. I’ve met people that can’t stand each other and reject themselves ( ” I wish I was skinny.” “I wish I was smart and pretty.” and the list goes on.) They always compare themselves to others in every way and you’ll hear them say “I can’t stand myself”, “I’m a disaster.” “Why can’t I be as pretty as ____”

The thing is that I know is not an easy task, I’m still working on mine after all this years and all I can tell you is that having a low self esteem does really affect every aspect of your life from relationships, to jobs, to goals. Don’t self criticize too hard, you’re a human who’s still learning. Fuck those stereotypes that society has planted in the world. You are amazing and beautiful and smart, you just need to accept it yourself. Thanks for reading and I truly hope this helps someone.


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