Why i have this blog.

Hey guys, so a lot of people have been asking “why do you have a blog?” “why do you dedicate so much time to it?” or telling me “you don’t get paid to write”. Yes, they’re right, I don’t get paid to write but i love doing it. Why? Simple, it helps me with my depression and anxiety, keeps my mind busy, and above all it’s my way of helping others. Mostly what I write are for people dealing with depression, insecurities, and social isolation. Yeah, i write about other things and yeah, maybe a lot of people don’t read it but even if it’s 2,3, or 4 it’s still make me feel good that someone actually took some time to read something I wrote. So if you’re passionate about something and have people that don’t support you, don’t give up or quit just for them. Remember that at least your doing something productive that makes you happy. I love what I do and I’ll keep doing it because I have a feeling that something great will come out of it.



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