Venting: Alone

Hey everyone now on my last post I talked to you guys about depression so tonight I wanna take the time to talk to you about loneliness. A lot of people think that when someone says that they feel lonely it’s simply because they’re literally alone in a space. Loneliness is a phenomenon with huge repercussions on the dynamic and psychological function of a person. It could be described as an unpleasant experience that’s painful, and worse, it doesn’t necessarily mean social isolation. Various investigations can confirm that feeling alone can affect your mental as well as your physical health. Recently loneliness has been related to depression, alcoholism, obesity, and lack of sleep. There’s two types of loneliness.

Social loneliness- is the lack of relationships with people which may cause the person to think that they’re not accepted by others which leads to isolation.

Emotional loneliness- is the absence of close relationships, by this I mean, close significant relationships for the person that give them a sense of security. The absence of this type of relationship is associated with sensations of emptiness and the desire to share a life with someone.


Here are some tips to help with loneliness:

-Identify which type of loneliness we’re experiencing and to what circumstances it’s the cause.

-Take the initiative to find and form new relationships ( even if you’re scared)

-Find the type of people we are interested in whether they’re geeks, skaters, etc and build a strategy to interact with them.

-Take the risk to participate in new activities that will lead to meeting new people and the sensation of belonging to something.

-Review our own thoughts that limit us to interact like ” I’m to old for this” “Why would I try this now” “What if they don’t like me?”

And last but not least…

-There’s always gonna be people that want to meet other people, open groups who wants to welcome new members and there’s always gonna be someone willing to help those in need. DONT USE THE EXCUSE OF ” IT’S BETTER TO BE ALONE THAN TO BE IN BAD COMPANY”. There’s something known as ” FEELING AND BEING WELL ACCOMPANIED” and guys, trust me, it’s always possible if you’re willing to take the risk.

I hope this helps someone.

Love you guys.





2 thoughts on “Venting: Alone

  1. This is very helpful for me. I didn’t know thay I might experience loneliness. I thought I was fine ’til my physical body said otherwise. Doctor said I’m stress. Thinking deeper, I do feel lonely. Super lonely instead.


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