Anonymous Progress #2

Hey Guys so I got an email from ****** and he was telling about how much progressed he’s made dealing with depression and other things. So enjoy and I hope this makes some sort of impact on one of you.

“Dear Jesse,

It has been about 3 months since I decided to get help and even though it wasn’t easy at all I have to admit that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has helped me a lot with my insecurities, even though I’m still a bit insecure, I feel like now I can actually be around other and at least try to engage in conversations with them. I don’t feel so alone anymore and thanks to my group sessions I’ve made new friends. Looking back at how I was I swore I would never let myself fall again into that dark hole. All those times I tried to end my life, whether it was with pills, cutting and even hanging myself, I’m glad I didn’t go through with it otherwise I wouldn’t have met any of the new people I have in my life. Since I’ve gained a bit more of confidence I finally told my family I was gay and let me tell you it went better than I expected, I mean yeah my dad was a little upset but my mom and sisters were very supportive of this and even offered to find me dates lol.

Thank you for your support and although I haven’t met you face to face you’ve helped me in so many ways and I am grateful for what you are doing with this page because believe it or not you are giving people hope, and showing them that they don’t have to fight this alone. Take care and I hope you keep working on this blog because you can impact so many people. So don’t give up.”

Thanks for reading guys and also if you wanna share your progress feel free to contact me through my email or my Facebook page and remember your story can make a difference in someone’s life. Love you.




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