The Invisible War

A lot of people don’t see what many of us are going through. They think that a mental illness is just a way to get attention from everyone as if we want people feeling sorry for us but that’s not the case. They don’t understand the pain many of us go through. Thinking we’re not good enough, that we’re not worth it, that we will never achieve anything or that we’re so fucked up that no one will love us. The day by day struggle of wishing we would never wake up after we go to sleep. A mental illness is as bad as a physical illness, sometimes it’s even worse in my opinion. I call it The Invisible War. A war that could last years and no one notice what we’re going through. I’ve known people who for years battled this war and won, while others gave their all but in the end it was to much for them. I’ve lost friends in this war, people I’ve admired and looked up to and the worst part is that if I knew about it maybe I could have helped them. That is why now I’m making it my mission to help those that are fighting this war alone, who think that they can handle it by themselves, and those who think they’re not worth being helped or saved. I encourage all to do the same. Make an impact in someone’s life. Who knows, maybe you can save a life in this war many of us are fighting alone.

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