Anonymous Progress #1

So I know that lately my posts have been a bit sad but today I wanted to share with you guys really amazing.

So I have someone in my life who means a lot to me and they were going through a really tough time battling their depression and insecurities. She got to the point where she felt like she couldn’t accomplish anything. She felt ugly, not worthy of love or friendship, and eventually got to that moment where a lot of dare to never go back…cutting. I knew she was going through all this and I did my best to help. I was supportive, and patient. I advised her to get help from a specialist. Yeah, at first she was at denial, like most of us are. She tried fighting this alone but eventually it got to her breaking point and she realized she couldn’t take it anymore which is understandable especially when you spend years fighting this while hiding it from the world. After years of this she finally opened up and accept that she needed help fighting this. I admit it was a shocker to her family but once they family realized what was going on they immediately took action.

She went to a mental hospital for a while and let me tell you once she got out it was like she was a whole different person. She was freed from all those insecurities, all that depression and backed up sadness that were haunting her for years. It’s amazing seeing how confident she is now. How she’s embracing her inner and outer beauty. A new chapter has begun for her and I couldn’t be more proud.

The reason I share this with you guys is because a lot of you feel hopeless about your battle. You wanna give up but here’s someone who was going through her own battle and she managed to beat it like I know you can beat yours. She’s an inspiration to me and I hope she becomes an inspiration to one or more of you.

We all deserve to be happy even if you think you don’t.



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