Untitled #1



She walks around smiling at the world but they don’t seem to notice. She tries her best to blend it but fails miserably. She’s about to give up and quit. She thinks it’s for the best and that one would notice. Slowly drifting away she sees the life she’s leaving behind. Her family, friends, her dreams, her future. All drowning in a pool of blood. There she laid, eyes wide open, skin still warm and beautiful as ever. Her family walks, all in tears, confused as ever, trying to figure out why this happened. The cops arrive looking for evidence and a story to all this. If only they knew you needed help. They could have prevented all this but there’s no going back now. As the hours passed the room went quiet for a moment everyone focused on her. They’ll never know what really happened they’ll just create their own story. Forensics arrive to take her away. I look at her one more time and she’s gone.

There I laid about to face her same fate. I close my eyes and I start to reminisce. All those moments we shared from our first date, to our first kiss to our first time, all leading up to this tragic ending of a love story and even though I’ll never understand why you did this to us I’ll always love you…


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